In accordance with the provisions of State Law, there being due and unpaid charges for which the undersigned is entitled to satisfy an owner and/or manager's lien of the goods hereinafter described and stored at the Life Storage location(s) listed below. - And, due notice having been given, to the owner of said property and all parties known to claim an interest therein, and the time specified in such notice for payment of such having expired, the goods will be sold at public auction at the below stated location(s) to the highest bidder for cash or otherwise disposed of on March 21, 2018 at 9:30AM starting at the North Lamar location, immediately thereafter, auction proceeds to the next listed location. - Life Storage #231 - 8227 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753 - 512-833-0855 - Gerald Stearn- Hsld gds/Furn, Tools/Applnces - Anna Flores- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip - Felicitas Jimenez-Diaz- Hsld gds/Furn - Duane Allen- Lndscping/Cnstrctn equip - Hamilton Paysen– Mostly Shoes - Terrance Burnett- Hsld gds/Furn, Boxes - Santos Villareal– Tools/Applnces - Tanishia Horton- Hsld gds/Furn, Tools/Applnces - Maria Rocha- Hsld gds/Furn - Laura Langley- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip - Travis J. OBrien- Hsld gds/Furn - Life Storage #285 - 9717 East Highway 290, Austin, TX 78724 - 512-278-1220 - L.B. Evans- Hsld gds/Furn - Jackie D Erwin- Hsld gds/Furnitems,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Applnces,history artifacts,music artifacts - Corla Atkins- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Applnces,Lndscpng/Cnstrctn equip,Acctng rcrds/ Sales Sampls,boxes - Christina Crowley- Hsld gds/Furn,Tools/Applnces - Kerrie W Brown- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Applnces - Kerrie Brown- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Applnces - Apollotek International-Tools/Applnces, Boxes - L.B. Evans -Hsld gds/Furn - Andrew Reese- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Applnces,Lndscpng/Cnstrctn equip,power washer - Lacresha Walton- Hsld gds/Furn,Tools/Applnces - Belinda Taylor-Simpkins- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Applnces,clothes - Life Storage #541 - 4515 S. Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745 - 512-443-1100 - Rajneesh Singh- Hsld gds/Furn,Tools/Appls,Office Furn/Mach. Equip,Restaurant Equip. - Donald Coulter- Tools/Appls,Transmission parts,car parts - Juan Jesus' Ramirez Niro- Hsld gds/Furn,Tools/Appls - Anthony Villarreal- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip, - Mike Trevino- Hsld gds/Furn - Danny Jimemez- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Appls, Bicycle Parts - Dawn M Knox- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Appls, - Becky S Reyna- Tools/Appls - Kyndle Dalrymple- Hsld gds,Furn - Darel Smith- Clothes,books - Daniel Camarena- Hsld gds,Furn,papers - Justin Parrish- Hsld gds,Furn - Tony Waldrup- Hsld gds/Furn,Tools/Appls,Landscape/Const.Equip. - Mayo Hernandez- Hsld gds,Furn - Lakeisha N Lewis- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip,Tools/Appls, - Jermaine Williams- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip - George Jimenez- Hsld gds,Furn - Life Storage #624 - 1341 W. Mary St, Austin, TX 78704 - 512-373-8688 - Brent Lopez- Off Furn./Mach/Equip - Life Storage #287 - 6509 S. 1st St, Austin, TX 78745 - 512-326-3131 - Kandi Barker- Hsld Gds/Furn, TV Stereo Equip, boxes - Wykeisha Minor- Hsld Gds/Furn, TV/Stereo equip - Hanz Zarate- Hsld Gds/Furn, Ritter Chairs - Alena Pakele- Hsld Gds/Furn, TV/Stereo equip - Jerremy Harris- Hsld Gds/Furn - Tiffany Williams- Hsld Gds/Furn, Tires,Rims - Brandon Wix- Hsld Gds/Furn - Jennifer Hardeman- Hsld Gds/Furn - Dennis F. Nowakowski- Tools/Applnces, Landscaping/Construction equip - Mary White- Hsld Gds/Furn - Rana Vidush- Hsld Gds/Furn - Tina Ramirez- Hsld Gds/Furn - Carlos Lopez-Hsld Gds?Furn - Lisa Andrade- Hsld Gds/Furn, TV/Stereo equip,Tools/Applnces - Salman Al-Alawy- Hsld Gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip - Michael Gentry- Hsld Gds/Furn, TV stereo Equip, Tools /Applnces, Musical intrumrnts - Ashley Rocha- Hsld Gds/Furn - Raul Nesmith III- Hsld Gds/Furn, Tools/Applnces - Life Storage #445 - 9706 Manchaca Rd. Austin, TX 78748 - 512-291-1037 - Benson Hodde- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces - Joshua Prentiss- Hsld gds/Furn - Thomas K Payne- Hsld gds/Furn - James Clark- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Lndscpng/Cnstrctn Equip - Carolyn Ramos- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces - Roy Constancio- Hsld gds/Furn - Michael Mendez- Hsld gds/Furn - Life Storage #543 - 10800 US-290. Austin, TX 78736 - 512-301-4994 - Thomas Stanford- Hsld gds/Furn,Office Furn/Mach/Equip,Medical Equip - Eric Wilhelmi- Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo Equip - Moody Ugur- Hsld gds/Furn,Tools/Applnces - Tracy Zimmerman- Hsld gds/Furn - Gayle Riley- Hsld gds/Furn, Tools/Applnces
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PostedFebruary 22, 2018