Cause No. 2018CVA0541 - DOMINIQUE MOSS, Plaintiff vs. - LORI JAYNE STEINDORF, Defendant - IN THE COUNTY COURT AT LAW - COMAL COUNTY, TEXAS - On the Motion presented, and the affidavits attached from Scott P. Ogle and Andrew Fisher, stating that the whereabouts and permanent residence of Defendant LORI JAYNE STEINDORF cannot be found, and stating the specific facts showing that service has been attempted but has not been successful. - The Plaintiff contends that Service by Publication will be reasonably effective to give Defendant LORI JAYNE STEINDORF notice of this suit. - IT IS ACCORDINGLY ORDERED that any authorized person of this court shall give the Defendant notice of this suit by the Publication of a true and correct copy of the Citation for Personal Service with Plaintiff's Original Petition attached through The Austin Chronicle Classified, 400 N. IH-35, Austin, Texas, 78751, by the Comal County Clerk, or by any means that would give the Defendant reasonable notice as set out in Rule 109 in the Texas Rule of Civil Procedure. - IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the return of the authorized person be endorsed on the Citation, stating when and how the Citation was posted, and be signed by the authorized person, is to make do return in accordance with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 109. - SIGNED this 7th day of May, 2019. - /s/ Randy C. Gray - PRESIDING JUDGE
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PostedMay 10, 2019