Alta Vista Recording Studio
We are one of the few Austin recording studios that have stayed in business for over twenty years. We have bridged the gap between high-dollar sound and affordable rates, proving that you don't have to spend a couple of months rent to spend a day in a great-sounding studio. You may have noticed... More
Posted February 12, 2019
Alaniz- Alanis Morissette Tribute Band
We are an Alanis Morissette Tribute Band playing across the state of texas. Austin multiband shows will be Sat. Feb 16 @ Anderson Mill Tavern & then March 15th at Hanovers 2.0 So come see the show while we are in town!!! More
Posted January 31, 2019
Alaniz/ Alanis Morissette Tribute Band
There is a new Alaniz/ Alaniz Morissette Tribute Band in town. We are seeking gigging opportunities and a booking agent to help book shows. You may contact us through our website: I am looking to help book the band so we can focus just on music. More
Posted January 27, 2019
Alanis Morissette Tribute night/ Multi-band
Anderson Mill Pub is having a night full of music with the Alanz- / Alanis Morissette Tribute band, Room full of Doors, and Heavy Led (Led Zepplin Tribute) on February 16th . Come see the show! See the attached flyer! More
Posted January 27, 2019